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School Visits

Arranging a School Author Visit


1. I can do either a one-off school visit or a series of linked sessions. Please email to determine if I am available on your chosen date(s). It also helps to give a choice of days.


2. It's helpful to give a brief outline of the kind of session you'd like from me: a general 'Author Visit', more formal creative writing session(s), a mixture? Will I be meeting children across the ability range, or a specific group? How many, and from which year group? Would you like me to discuss my writing in general, or Doctor Who, or any other aspect? Would you like me to do some structured writing exercises with the children, or would they prefer a reading plus a Q&A format? And so on.


3. If I'm able to make one of the suggested dates, we can discuss a detailed timetable for activities, plus my fee. I will write to confirm all the details we have discussed.


4. It's useful for me to know at least a couple of months ahead where I am going to be. However, if you want a booking at short notice, there's no harm in asking!


5. Fees: I charge fees comparable with those charged by other members of the Society of Authors, plus expenses - usually just travel, and accommodation if needed. I will know at the discussion stage if I will need overnight accommodation. (Generally, I will if the school is outside Yorkshire or Derbyshire, but please discuss with me.)


6. I have Public Liability Insurance from the Society of Authors. I am also registered on Contact An Author.




Please email for my School Author Visit information pack, which has full details of workshops, costs, etc. 


Daniel Blythe came to work with my group of 34 Year 5 pupils every Tuesday morning for a period of 6 weeks. He began each session with an activity which really got the children interested and focused on the rest of the lesson and allowed children who struggle with writing to develop their imaginative ideas and feel successful. Over the weeks we looked at different ways to start stories, how to use a wide range of vocabulary to describe people in an interesting way, wrote poems about what they want to be in the future and worked on developing the plots of stories. The children loved the sessions and even those children who usually hated writing or often struggled to think up imaginative ideas were inspired. After Daniel had finished at the school, the children used all their ideas gained throughout the sessions to write a complete story and for the first time, every child wanted to write and complete the story.


Walkley Primary School, Sheffield


On Wednesday 10th February Daniel Blythe visited Toll Bar Primary School and later The Armthorpe School to talk about his writing, but mainly to mesmerise us with his fantastic Doctor Who presentation. Daniel has written a book for the BBC called “Autonomy” which is the last book to feature David Tennant as the Doctor. We were transported (via TARDIS!) on a journey through time, starting with the very first Time Lord, William Hartnell, to the newly regenerated Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor. Not only did we find out about all the TV Doctors, but about how the unmistakable theme tune was created and how it has changed over the decades. We now also know why the fifth Doctor, Peter Davison wore a stick of celery in his lapel! Everyone was excited when Daniel tantalised us with a few hints as to what we can expect from the new series – a new Doctor Who logo as well as some old very recognisable enemies turning up again! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as was proven by the amount of questions presented to Daniel at the end of his talk, and the demand for books to be signed was the highest we’ve ever had at an author event ! We definitely want to welcome Daniel back to Doncaster in the future.


Lesley Hurworth, Chair of Doncaster Book Award

It was fabulous for us to find a writer who could enable children to see the joy writers find in writing - and who could, at the same time, share some of the techniques used to enthral an audience. It was a very successful day for all of us.


Conisbrough Ivanhoe School, South Yorkshire


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